Dry Heat vs Moist Heat

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July 15, 2013
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Dry Heat vs Moist Heat

I have heard many people say that they have heated an area and the muscles in that region are just not relaxing.  After probing further I find out that they have used a heating blanket or something of a dry heat.  If you want the heat to penetrate and relax the muscles you need a moist heat, not a dry heat.

What do I mean?  If someone has arthritis which state do they usually NOT want to be in, Florida, right.  Why?  Because of the humidity, the moist heat it penetrates and it hurts them.  Where do they like to go?  Arizona, because there, it is a dry heat.  That is the difference between the heating blanket (Arizona) and a moist heat (Florida).

A simple way to make something for the moist heat is take an old tube sock and fill it with cheap rice.  Sow up the open end.  Now you have a rice sock that can be put in the microwave usually for one minute on cook power 10.  Also put a glass of water in with it so the sock will get moist while heating.  DO NOT GET THE SOCK WET!  You also can put some essential oil on it for a fragrance to help cover up the rice smell.

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