Interactive Metronome


Interactive Metronome is a remarkable system that advances through four phases.  Each phase have precise goals and exercises, progressing from easiest (hands only) to most challenging (full body).

Phase 1 : The goal is to help you understand the reference tone and program requirements.


Phase 2:  The goal is to begin adjusting performance to the guide sounds, which provide real-time performance feedback to help improve cognitive, communicative and motor skills.


Phase 3: The goal is to attain the best possible timing and rhythm while simply clapping in order to improve focus, cognitive processing and motor coordination.


Phase 4: The goal is to begin training with your lower body to further challenge and advance cognitive and motor skills.


With interactive metronome, there is nobody too old for games.  But these are not just games, interactive metronome is a serious brain training that physiologically changes the brain, we call this neuroplasticity.  This change improves the efficiency and communication among the functional brain networks.  It is possible for any age group and skill level to achieve improvement in rhythm and timing with the use of interactive metronome.

Interactive metronome is the only training program that improves timing in the brain in an organized, systematic and engaging format.  Research shows that combining movement and cognitive tasks leads to better overall outcomes and with challenges in thinking and movements simultaneously, the real-time millisecond feedback that interactive metronome provides helps in synchronizing the body’s internal clock.

There are five neurological functions exercised at once:


  1. Controlled attention & Concentration
  2. Working Memory
  3. Sensory Integration
  4. Motor Planning / Sequencing for Coordination & Functional Motor Control
  5. Synchronization of timing in multiple brain regions for increased neural efficiency & performance


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