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Our son is 10 years old and has autism. He was diagnosed at 3 years of age. We were told he was severely autistic and would never develop past a 16 month old. It was a horrible day for us. We did not know where to turn for information, services, or support.

We realized early on that many ways to treat autism dealt with invasive methods and we did not want that for him. Through the years he has seen many doctors, but, we have never accomplished much. The treatment always invovled medications and we eventually lost faith in the medical field.

Several months ago a friend of mine recommended Dr. Brian Hanks. She said he was an amazing doctor that worked with autistic children and what he offered was different. We immediately made an appointment and we were stunned. Dr. Hanks was patient and obeservant. He explained the reasons for the behaviors he displayed. It was like our son knew that Dr. Hanks understood him. Our son just loved him! There was an instant connection between the two of them.

Our son is non-verbal, and has a hard time with things that involve fine motor skills. We were told he would never be able to ride a bike. Steering and pedaling at the same time was to difficult for him. We never gave up trying to teach him though.

After six visits with Dr. Hanks my son grabbed a bike one day and just started riding. We noticed so many things changing with him. He began making eye contact, than he started playing a game where he wanted to be chased. Also, he had more facial expressions, was more connected, and most importantly, he was happier.

We are still seeing Dr. Hanks. We feel he is gifted and truly has a unique way of working with special needs children. I wish I could let everyone that knows someone with autism about him. For us it is not about changing our son. We accept him for exactly who he is. We just want him to have skills that will help him to have a better quality of life.

Dr. Hanks is the person that is providing this for our son. He is responsible for making our son’s life better. He is a special person and we can never thank him enough for what he has done and continues to do. We have a new found hope, and dreams for our son that would have never been; if it were not for Dr. Hanks.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done and continue to do for our son. You are truly an incredible doctor,

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