What are some things that cause a leaky gut?

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What are some things that cause a leaky gut?


leaky_gut_progressionLeaky gut is final getting the recognition that is deserves- even Dr Oz has talked about it on his show.  The cause of leaky gut for one person can be different for the next.  It could be as a result of poor diet for one and chronic stress for another.  Knowing the cause for your leaky gut it vital in helping you restore gut health.

What is a leaky gut?

It is a situation where the lining of the small intestines becomes inflamed, damaged and weak, (think of Swiss cheese) allowing undigested good, bacteria, and other foreign bodies to infiltrate into the bloodstream.  As soon as these elements enter the bloodstream they trigger an immune response, causing inflammation, this will give us a long list of symptoms.  Chronic conditions associated with leaky gut include, asthma, food allergies, joint pain, depression, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions like eczema and more.

Here are 10 causes of leaky gut?

Even though the causes of leaky gut can be vague, Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS has identified 10 factors that contribute to leaky gut.

  1. Diet:  What we eat affects us a lot more than just in energy production and how our body looks on the outside.  How we look on the outside is important but what is more important is how are things looking on the inside.  Gluten is a huge destroyer of the gut.  Dairy, over indulgence of sugar and alcohol also contribute to the destruction of the gut lining.
  2. Medications:  Some meds increase the risk for a leaky gut.  These are corticosteroids, antibiotics, antacids, and some medications for arthritis.  Some meds even use gluten as a filler.
  3. Infections:  An overgrowth of H pylori (which dogs can be a carrier of) a bacterium in the stomach, can cause ulcers and a leaky gut.  Yeast infections, parasitic infections, and intestinal viruses can also cause leaky gut.
  4. Autonomic Conditions:  We know that autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis can often be caused by leaky gut.  In some cases the autoimmune disorder can be the cause of the leaky gut and managing the autoimmune condition is one way to cleaning up the leaky gut.
  5. Stress:  Stress in a chronic state elevates the adrenal hormone cortisol, which breaks down the gut lining and contributes to a leaky gut.
  6. Hormone Imbalance:  The gut relies on correct hormone levels for good health.  When testosterone, estrogen, progesterone or thyroid hormone get off balanced, this can contribute to leaky gut.
  7. Vitamin D Deficiency:  There is a need for adequate amount of vitamin D to help preserve gut integrity.
  8. Industrial Food Processing:  The method for which food is processed leads to the cause of leaky gut.  These include deamidating wheat to make it water soluble, high-heat processing of sugars and adding excess amounts of sugar to the food.
  9.  Environmental Toxins:  Toxins from the environment surround us daily.  Some of theses toxins have been shown to break down the gut lining.  One great way to help prevent this is to make sure your body has enough glutathione, the body’s number one antioxidant.
  10. Low Amount of Glutathione:  Glutathione is the body’s primary antioxidant and is important in the defense and repair of the gut lining.

It is important that you understand the cause of your leaky gut, and with that knowledge you will be more successful in restoring your overall health.  For more information on how to help your leaky gut contact my office at 616-920-0833

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